The restaurant delivers exceptional Franco-Japanese fusion, creatively blending two cuisines.

Welcome to Terroir Restaurant Bangkok, where we invite you to embark on a culinary journey influenced by the essence of a place - a concept deeply rooted in the term "terroir." Our restaurant takes pride in showcasing the unique flavors of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients from premium artisanal farmers, embodying a true sense of place through our dishes.

At Terroir Restaurant, we specialize in progressive kaiseki cuisine, a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese culinary art form. Our menu features a harmonious blend of seasonal produce and cooking techniques, including frying, grilling, and soup preparations, meticulously crafted.

Complementing our exceptional cuisine is our renowned wine pairing program curated by one of the top sommeliers in town. Our talented sommelier, who holds prestigious wine certifications and accolades, including DipWSET and multiple wine scholar distinctions, ensures that each dish is beautifully accompanied by a selection of fine wines to enhance your gastronomic adventure.

Located in the vibrant Ekkamai Area of Bangkok, Terroir Restaurant welcomes you for dinner service from Wednesday to Sunday starting at 18:30, as well as weekend lunches beginning at 12:00. Join us and savor the flavors of the season in a setting that celebrates the art of food and wine in perfect harmony.