Our Event Concierge is designed to assist you to shape, create and deliver your event.

In shaping your event we seek to create the right mood, setting, location and the ingredients you need to make it a success. From invitations, to music, ambient, catering and decoration we combine these elements to make your occasion special.

Our Team can design onsite and offsite occasions from the strictly corporate to the strictly corporate with a lot of entertainment built in, from the private social to the public media conference we seek to seamlessly create your event as a memorable occasion.

Our Event Concierge is also there for you in terms to enable other events on personal or group level as follows:

  • Personal Shopper – our in house guide will design a tour for you to suit your plan.
  • Dining by Design – from couples to small groups we arrange special Chefs Tables and culinary art to your personal taste and location and includes Picnics by Design also.
  • Neighbourhood Walks – these walks enable you to select areas you would like to explore and see, to shop and browse for those gifts of a lifetime.

Our Event Concierge is at your service. 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts – where life becomes legendary!